Ashley McMillen

In addition to my amazing band, a special group of people are responsible for the polished sound that you hear through the speakers and the look you see on stage, in photos, and beyond. Thank you to the following...

Breedlove Guitars for making the very instrument that inspires me every day. Thank you for supporting the freedom, creativity, and diversity of music and continuing to honor the art of handcrafting guitars.

Cphonic Online Mastering

Cphonic ( is the home of multi-platinum music producer / mixing engineer / mastering engineer / Berklee graduate Kevin McNoldy (Dave Matthews, Backstreet Boys' Howie D, Seven Mary Three, Parachute).  Kevin previously built recording studios in Nashville, Los Angeles, Florida, and Virginia (, and his latest design combines precision acoustics, top-of-the-line DSP processing, and the finest vintage equipment, along with Kevin's two decades of experience recording, mixing, and mastering music. Kevin's work with Ashley's music includes You and Me (2012), Straight to You (2013), Say You Love Me (2013), Patient with Me (2014), and Coming Through (2014).

Ravensworth StudiosRavensworth Studios is a professional audio/video recording retreat facility located in beautiful Central Virginia. Ravensworth Studios offers a unique recording environment in a tranquil setting, enhanced by gracious hospitality. Our motto is “Come Home And Record”. Ashley and her band recorded You and Me (2012), Straight to You (2013), Where Community Counts- Theme for the Charlottesville Newsplex (2014), and other material, to be released soon.

Running With Scissorz
Running With Scissorz is run by Sarah Hatch, a hair stylist and makeup artist based in Charlottesville, VA. She currently works behind the chair at Studio 500 in Downtown Charlottesville and is responsible for Ashley's look for virtually every major performance of her career, including her photoshoots, television appearances, and performances supporting Gary Allan, Sara Evans, Steel Magnolia, among others. 


Continued thanks to the following for making my first project, "Now I Know," a success:

Lisa and Doug McMillen

Jimmy Dog Studios- Jeff Romano- Recording, producing, mastering

Kickstarter Backers- Holly, Virginia Kinneman, Patty Stocker, Clayton McMillen, Bahrain Manāma, Rusty Speidel, Sandy Seidel, Dan Conaway, David Kuneff, Paul McIntire, Leigh Meunier, Shannon Branch, Delora Lomasang, Johnny Mentus, Chuck Pulver, Stewart Whitehair, Rachel Otto, Micheal Edwards, Chris Phillips, Lisa McMillen, Laura Simmons, Emily Chilko, Cheryl Dalton, Linda Dandeo, Kristina Paterson, Ray and Pat, Sheri Crowley, Leah DiDominico Casto, Gabriella Wass, Jen Helzberg, Gina Lucas, Terri Chilko, Cathy, Brian Chenault, Meredith Norris, Josh Sylvester, Christina Downey, Jessica Simpson, Alicia McMillen, Rachel Karbowski Kurzeski, Toan Nguyen, and Roger Boucher.

Joyuese Photography- Tahni Candelaria-Holm

Mrs. Kaufman and Lori Kaufman- Owners of the gorgeous 240 Volvo (album cover shoot) who are so kind to allow some random person to take pictures with their baby! :)

Charlottesville Volvo- Doug and Doug- Helped me find the Kaufman's and their beautiful car!

My wonderful family and friends, including Audrey and Ginny