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Ashley McMillen shares Hitkicker Homegrown favorites with Country/Americana fans at The Southern.” - David Maurer

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Ashley will join Steel Magnolia for a fantastic performance on Friday, November 1, 2013 at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville, VA to benefit "CARING FOR CREATURES" ” - Jane Dunlap Norris

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Local Musician Check-In: ASHLEY MCMILLEN” - Scott Tiernan

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Can Charlottesville singer-songwriters make a living in the file-sharing age?" The article also features James Wilson of Sons of Bill, Sarah White, David Purcell, Carl Anderson, and Ellis Paul. (for Ashley's column, see page 4).  ....Our cover story this week focuses on five people who are trying to make a living singing and playing their own songs. It began as an exploration of our town’s musical ambitions, and it could have taken any number of forms, focusing more on the industry side, like the band managers, digital marketing crews, venue operators, and software engineers who are coping with a publishing landscape turned upside down. It could have focused on the different types of music that flourish here, jazz for instance, or electronica. Or it could have focused on a different subset of singer-songwriters than the one I chose, because for a small town, there are many. It went the way it did because I got interested in a question. People who stand up on stage alone with a guitar have no one to blame for their failures, and these days, little reason to expect a reward, or even a living for their efforts. So why do they do it?” - Giles Morris

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